Airdrie Childrens Dentist

Airdrie Childrens Dentist

Why It's Important to Choose an Airdrie Childrens Dentist For Your Child:

Only a children's dentist can give your child the proper dental care and education necessary during their formative years. Learning how to properly brush and floss is foundational in your child's journey to maintaining a beautiful smile that will last a lifetime. Bringing your child in to a dentist and staff who are trained and experienced in working with children can form a lasting bond that will lead to a healthy outlook if your child should need dental care that involves more than just a routine cleaning.

At North Main Family Dental, we are pleased that our patients trust their childrens' oral and dental health to our staff. We'll not only make it enjoyable for your child to visit us, we'll include you in your child's dental care program, so you can assist them at home in keeping up with what we consider best practices. Forming a healthy patient/dentist relationship in early years will eliminate many common problems that typically come up with young patients who have not had an enjoyable experience with a dentist.

We highly recommend that parents bring their children as young as 6 months in for their first check-up to make sure newly erupted teeth are coming in correctly. We'd like to see children every 6 months to one year to identify and treat some of the most common problems with teeth in their formative stages. Routine visits can catch problems early on, like an improper bite, problems that contribute to a speech problem, or poor oral health habits that can easily be corrected when promptly addressed. Your child will enjoy the fun, interactive time they spend in our office- and will be more apt to take care of their own teeth when they eventually live on their own.

You can learn more about our Airdrie childrens dentist services by visiting our website and clicking on the ‘Dental Services' link and selecting ‘Children's Dentistry' from the menu. From there, you can view our other services as well, and discover why we are one of the most trusted dentistry providers in the area. Our dental team can meet the needs of every person in your family, regardless of age. We make it affordable for your family to maintain healthy beautiful smiles, from children on up to seniors.

If you have insurance, give us a call to verify your benefits with our staff. If you're looking for gap coverage for services not met by your plan, or are uninsured for dental care, we invite you to take a closer look at our Dental Club that can provide affordable coverage for dental care, starting at just $29 per month. Our Dental Club can offer cost-efficient insurance for your whole family to alleviate worry regarding the high cost of dental care. For a small monthly premium, every member in your family can be covered. Call us to speak with an Airdrie Childrens Dentist or request a new patient appointment through our website.

Airdrie Childrens Dentist

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