Insurance Billing For Rehabs

Insurance Billing For Rehabs

Insurance billing for rehabs

If you've ever handled insurance billing for rehabs, you'd know there's a lot of technicalities surrounding the medical billing process. You'll have to grapple with the continually changing federal regulations, referrals and pre-approval, co-payment and out-of-pocket costs, duration of treatment, restricted number of visits, and many other clauses that need special attention. But what if you could contract the entire billing process to a company that specializes in handling medical billing, giving you enough time to care for your patient, and expand your services?

Medical Billing Connection is a reliable billing company that's adept at handling the patient accounting needs of healthcare companies from start to finish, including handling of appeals, correspondence, patient account inquiries, and follow-up/follow-through. The company provides customized solutions for its diverse range of clients in the healthcare delivery continuum, and your practice stands to gain a lot from working with us.

What does insurance billing company for rehabs cover?

Although the specific details may vary from company to company, insurance billing for rehabs usually comprises the following services:

Admission contracts: Involves preparing and maintaining a legal document that informs patients of their financial obligations. Your behavioral health facility will determine the terms in the agreement, but the billing company would ensure both parties sign the appropriate document. Proper documentation has been shown to increase successful collection attempts by up to 40%.

Verification of benefits: Our billing company would get in touch with the insurance provider to know the level of care that's covered and the extent of coverage. This billing technique can have a significant impact on your practice's revenue.

Utilization review: This service is tailored to meet the needs of rehabilitation centers and other mental health facilities. The billing company takes the right steps to get proper authorization for the level of care your practice is providing and billing. It involves proper documentation on the part of the practice's clinical staff and maintaining correspondence with the insurance company.

Billing: A medical billing company like Medical Billing Connection can increase your company's revenue by using the right codes and billing appropriately for the level of care and service rendered.

Reimbursement negotiations: This can happen when an insurance company underpays for the treatment her client receives or unnecessarily delays payment. A billing company would help you handle the talks so you can concentrate on caring for your patients.

Collection: Billing companies can collect ‘patient responsibility' costs, that is, costs that are not covered by the insurance provider. In instances where the insurance company gives the reimbursement check to the patient, a billing company would also handle the collection ad processing of the cheque.

Patronize our insurance billing for rehab service

We are a professional medical billing company that provides complete medical billing and practice management to ensure optimal billing and reimbursement to providers nationwide. Whether your treatment center is just starting or you've been running for quite some time, we can help you improve your billing methods and revenue flow with our insurance billing for rehab service. Get in touch with us today, and we'll be glad to discuss how you can make your business more profitable.

Insurance Billing For Rehabs

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