Sedation Dentistry Calgary

Sedation Dentistry Calgary
Ultima Dental Wellness in Calgary offers sedation dentistry to their patients. They understand that going to the dentist can incite fear or worry for some people. Even the thought of going to the dentist may be enough to cause anxiety, thus preventing you from even making an appointment. If this sounds familiar, then Ultima Dental Wellness in Calgary believes that sedation dentistry is for you.
Sedation dentistry is a way of keeping you calm and relaxed through the use of sedatives during dental procedures. Ultima Dental Wellness provides several types of sedation including tranquilizers, nitrous oxide and anti-anxiety medications. In some clinics it is common to administer sedatives via the intravenous or IV method. This involves injecting the sedative directly into the blood vessels of either the arm or hand. Although this method is very effective, even the thought of a needle in the arm or hand can be stressful for some people.
Medical advancements have helped create alternatives for administering sedatives without using injections. At Ultima Dental in Calgary, patients can choose sedation dentistry in the form of oral administration- gone are the needles! Indeed, oral sedation paves the way for a painless, relaxing dental visit.
Deciding if oral sedation is right for you involves addressing many factors before reaching a decision. Ultima Dental in Calgary can take you through every step of the sedation dentistry procedure - from the day before treatment to the moment you head back home.
Through pre-treatment consultation, Ultima Dental Wellness will check your dental history, your anxiety levels and other health factors. Taking sedatives may pose risks; therefore, it is very important for to know about medical conditions that may be adversely affected by sedation medications. After addressing all of these concerns, you and your dentist will decide what type of sedative and dosage will be best suited for your needs. If you live in the Calgary area and have concerns about visiting a dentist, sedation dentistry is indeed a great option for you.
Since it is unsafe for a sedated individual to operate a motor vehicle, you will require assistance to and from the office of Ultima Dental Wellness by a family member or friend on the day of your appointment. Also, since the effects of sedation may vary from patient to patient, it is prudent to have someone on hand afterwards. Ultima Dental recommends having someone take care of you for at least 12 hours following your sedation visit, just to ensure that the sedative is wearing off properly and that your are in a safe environment.
Ultima Dental Wellness in Calgary believes that sedation dentistry offers many benefits. Lengthy procedures (appointments that take more than an hour to perform) may seem to last for only a few minutes for the patient under sedation. Furthermore, you may be able to undergo more treatment per visit while sedated, thus reducing the total number of visits required.
Please contact Ultima Dental Wellness in Calgary if you have any questions or concerns about sedation dentistry. If you would like to set up a new patient appointment, please call 403-259-3401. Don't allow your anxiety to keep you from receiving important dental treatment that will keep your smile healthy and beautiful.
Sedation Dentistry Calgary
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Sedation Dentistry Calgary

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