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Dr. Anil Kesani is the head of spinal surgery and fellowship director of Spine MD. Dr. Kesani specializes in spinal surgery, and specifically, adult deformity surgery as well as primary tumor surgery. Also, revision surgery is another area that we have specialed expertise, and we've developed newer treatment techniques as well. Dr. Anil Kesani treats even the most complex spine problems here, not just in this country but around the world! If you need the best spinal care around, google "Spine Doctor Near Me," and choose Spine MD.

Our Philosophy Regarding Spinal Care at Spine MD

As far as research is concerned, our focus at Spine MD is mostly on outcomes and spinal deformity surgery as well as tumor surgery. Dr. Anil Kesani also focuses on the biomechanics involved with instrumentation and fusion. The philosophy regarding patient care at Spine MD is to provide the best care possible for every patient and treating each patient as an individual. The standard of patient care for Dr. Anil Kesani is to provide the same kind of care that he would like if he needed treatment.

At Spine MD, our entire staff's philosophy regarding patient care is to provide the best care possible and to treat each patient like family. Here, you will get an accurate diagnosis each time, along with the best treatment options for your specific problems.

Education is Key When it Comes to Spinal Care

Spine MD clearly goes through the full spectrum of options from non-surgical care to surgical care to other options with all of our patients to make sure they are informed and capable of making the best health care decisions for themselves. Plus, Dr. Anil Kesani will continue to see each patient for a long time after their care is complete to follow further and long-term follow up as needed.

Dr. Anil Kesani believes in educating all of his patients and maintaining relationships with patients going forward, especially patients who have complicated problems that require continued follow up and care.

When to See a Spine Doctor

In rare cases, back pain can be a result of a more serious condition that demands immediate attention. Such conditions include cancer and other kinds of life-threatening and damage-causing diseases. Although these types of conditions are rarely associated with back pain, they do occur from time to time. This is why it is so important to see a qualified neck pain doctor near you. The sooner you come in, the sooner we can conduct an evaluation, and through a process of elimination, we can single out the more serious causes of neck pain.

Contact Dr. Anil Kesani for an Evaluation

If you have any questions or concerns about your conditions, or if you have symptoms that you would like Dr. Anil Kesani to take a closer look at, do not hesitate to contact Spine MD. It might be the best decision you've ever made! Living with back pain can degrade the quality of your life severely, and Spine MD can help you to minimize or eliminate it.

Spine Doctor Near Me

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