The New Healthcare Paradigm

Healthcare is changing and the spark is with the patient, the community and new physician approaches to practicing medicine.  More recommendations are focused on personal care and different healing practices including the best of east/west medicine. The ideal practice is one in which women are willing to be a partner with their healthcare professional. Our practice emphasizes wellness, prevention, lifestyle changes, and a personalized health program for women in the following areas:

  • Natural Menopause
  • Preconceptual Wellness
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Wellness
  • Breast Health
  • Hormonal Wellness
  • Mind-Body Wellness
  • Weight Loss Assistance
  • Nutrition Awareness
  • Brain Health Awareness

The HealthCare Team

Women’s Health Specialist
Dr. Rosalyn Baxter-Jones is a women’s health advocate and has received traditional training as an OB/GYN physician and additional training in Integrative Medicine/Functional Medicine. She completed a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona, Tucson. She completed her undergraduate work at Vanderbilt University, medical degree at Howard University and a residency program at Baylor College of Medicine.

When her personal journey involved taking care of her loved one---her husband who died a few years ago from prostate cancer----she decided prevention was not being emphasized enough in healthcare.  Her husband lived 3 ½ years longer than his oncologist predicted when he aggressively worked with nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Angela R. Vittucci, RD Integrative Nutrition Practitioner, Blood/Sugar Imbalances, Food Sensitivities/Detox

Health Coach
Chelsea Pennell, a Health Advocate and Wellness Background, healthy Eating Program/Personal Chef
Rhonda Thomas: Certified Wellness Coach, Nutrition Background 

Life Coach
Laurie Soileau Schlisner, Consultant in Career Goals, ADHD

Mind-Body Coach
Dr. Baxter-Jones gives recommendations for mind-body approaches (yoga, meditation, hypnosis, visual imagery, tai chi). She also recommends wellness and prevention include a spiritual component.

Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine
Coming soon.

Coming soon.